Wednesday, July 06, 2005


1. There's a piece of suman in front of you. If you eat it, go to 14. If you inspect it first, go to 6.

2. You manage to find a clean spoon lying around somewhere, but no fork. Oh, well... a spoon is just as good anyway... or is it?If you still want to look for a fork, go to 12. If you think that a spoon will do just as well, head to 4 instead.

3. You grab what's left of the sticky banana-leaf wrapper, now lying forlorn and discarded next to your plate. You can't remember where the wastebasket is, though; Seems that you have to hunt for it. Walk around and find one first before you head to 13.

4. Now it's time to eat! You dig your spoon into the sticky surface of the suman, feeling a little apprehensive and a lot anxious at the same time. But all of that disappears once you get the first bite in your mouth. Hmmmmm... go to 25.

5. After only a few thoughtful bites, the suman is half gone, and the initial feeling of exultation has passed. The glutinous rice is starting to feel heavy in the pit of your stomach, and you wonder if perhaps there was too much sweetness in it when you started. If you would prefer to leave the rest of the suman untouched, go to 17. If you think you should just finish eating it, go to 24.

6. You run one hand along the shiny banana-leaf wrapping and caress the sticky treat within. Your mouth waters at the thought of the sweet, sumptuous meal before you. If you unwrap the suman, go to 8. If you continue to admire the suman from where you stand, go to 11.

7. Well, at least you're content. You savor the fact that you did just have a nice meal. Go to 21.

8. You unwrap the suman, being careful to keep it intact. (There's just something dissatisfying about having to eat a piece of suman that's in two pieces.) Go to 16.

9. First you pour the sauce, dropping just enough for the thick, syrupy liquid to form a small pool around the mass of glutinous rice. Naturally that's not enough for you, so you sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top... and a little more... and a little more... oops. Go to20.

10. You stare at the empty plate for the longest time. Maybe you shouldn't have gone through that piece of suman so fast. I mean, it's not that you feel sorry for the poor suman, but now you feel so... empty. Go to 22 and see if you feel better there.

11. You run your hands along the smooth surface of the suman latik once more, although without actually unwrapping it further, there's not much else to observe. Jump to 16.

12. You pull out a couple of kitchen drawers before you find a fork. Who keeps hiding all the forks, anyway? There's never one around when you need it. Now head back to the table at 13.

13. You finally return to the table, sit before your nice little plate, and... the suman is gone! The suman is gone! Now what kind of rat fink would... oh, wait, it's your older brother. And he's lots bigger than you, too. Aw, he can have it; It's not worth getting wedgied over. You might as well go back to 1 and get another piece...

14. You grip the piece of suman in one hand like one of the primitives, and take a huge bite. You take a few chews before you realize that you haven't unwrapped it from its banana-leaf cover yet, and almost choke on that fact. Start all over again at 1.

15. Err... go to 26.

16. Now the suman before you is unwrapped, and you lay it upon the plate, ready to eat. You feel like you're missing something... but what? If you think you need a fork, go to 18. If you'd like to have some sauce, go to 9. If you think you should clean up the mess first, go to 3. Or you could just ignore everything and eat the darn thing by heading to 23.

17. Aw, come on. Children are starving in Africa, and you leave a piece of suman on the table like that? Shame on you... go to 24!

18. Well, if you're going to eat this piece of suman, you might as well do it right. You hunt around for a table fork, and... where is that table fork, anyway? Go to 2.

19. You finally finish, slumping back into your chair in mild contentment. The plate is now empty, and grains of glutinous rice are everywhere. In a daze, you wonder if you should clean up, but you're too contented to do so. But maybe contented isn't the right word... perhaps you should head to 10.

20. Well, you've overdone it a little, but at least the suman still looks pretty mouth-watering. Of course, with all the sauce and the sugar, eating your meal without a fork is going to be a rather messy affair. If you'd prefer a fork at this point, go to 18. If you think that you've delayed enough and you just want to eat the darn thing, go to 23.

21. So now here you are, staring at an empty plate, secure in your contentment. But you do make a mental note to look for a fork next time. Go to 27.

22. Nope. You still feel empty. Go to 15.

23. Aw, who cares about the sauce? And who needs a fork, for that matter? You pounce on the tiny piece of suman, rending and tearing at it like a wild animal. Loose grains of rice fill the air amidst sounds of barbaric chomping and chewing. You only barely stop yourself from biting into the plate. Go to 19.

24. You slog through the rest of the suman latik, and once the last piece goes down your throat and into your stomach, you lean back in your chair and sigh in contentment. Go to 21.

25. You chew thoughtfully, savoring the sweetness. You probably won't be eating this again for some time, so you might as well make the moment last. Soon enough the first bite feels like sawdust in your mouth, and that only tells you that it's time for the next spoonful. Go to 5.

26. No, nothing yet. It's your fault, after all -- why'd you have to eat that piece of suman so fast, anyway? Go to 7.

27. Too bad the suman latik's gone now. You'd really like another piece right now. Go to 28.

28. Oh, what the hey. You reach for another bundle. Go to 1.


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eClair said...

I now regret telling Dang to not buy suman from the tiangge near Mom's workplace...


Anyhow, we ought to schedule a trip to Mang Jimmy's some time because as Kel pointed out last night: "You are missing something!"