Saturday, July 23, 2005

So... Ready to Take Over the World Yet?

That's the banner currently up on PinoyTopBlogs for this site. It's not very artistic, but then again, this isn't an artistic blog. I can think of a dozen other taglines that can be shown on a plain black background, though, so I might end up changing it from time to time.

As of the time of this writing, this blog is number 82 in the rankings, and that little Vanity-addled part of my brain is starting to worry. I'm hoping that PinoyTopBlogs doesn't get any more sites that are more popular than this one, or otherwise I won't even be on the first page when anyone drops by. :)

On the other hand, all this makes me wonder why I'm paying so much undue attention to this sort of thing. Perhaps the act of maintaining a blog increases one's need for readers, so much that I'm starting to watch those little numbers a lot more closely. While I'm sure that it's perfectly natural, I don't want to just go out and tell people to read this blog -- that would give the impression that I'm nothing but a sorry excuse of a human being who will do anything to get you to turn in my direction.

Or maybe I just want a group of thralls who I can easily hypnotize into taking over the world for me one day. That would be really nice.

Mwahahahaha! Go forth, my pretties! Kill! Kill!

Hee hee.



digitalfilipino said...

Hello Sean. I think we can use Pinoy Top Blogs as a metric, check our traffic, using a third-party service.

If you have a mailing list, maybe you can add one here where people can sign up, that will be great so they'll be informed of updates. I definitely would want to sign up.

Sean said...

I admit that I have absolutely no idea how many people read this blog. To be really honest, I'm not even sure why I'd be worrying about my ranking despite the fact that I don't seem to care about my audience numbers. :)

I'll look into the possibility of a mailing list, though. A subscription service might even serve us better, as long as we can get a nice content management system to go along with it.