Friday, July 08, 2005


Dear Sir (or Madam):

Despite the urgency of our pre-arranged schedule, I regret to say that we cannot provide our agreed requirements this evening. It appears that there is a large rally taking place in our immediate vicinity, and in the interests of safety, I am currently recommending that all our staff members return home.

We have, however, uploaded a number of pages for your review this weekend. This should include a sample of your display, content and animation requirements. In addition to these, I shall be testing the site's load time on a dial-up connection once I arrive at a secure location.

We shall resume work on Monday next week, and shall have the full site up by evening on the same day for your full review.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Please inform me if you have any issues with the staging site so that we may resolve these on Monday as well.



Anonymous said...

when i saw the rally from tv, I had a hunch you guys are *trouble*, but I kind of think, some employees will go home earlier.

Sean said...

On a brighter note, we did meet the adjusted deadline. :)