Friday, April 15, 2005

Antaria: The Druids

It is not surpising to say that Nature exerts a heavy influence on the Druids. As stewards of the land, the Druids almost completely immerse themselves in a natural environment at all times. To say that they have developed an aversion to human dominance may be more than a minor understatement.

Exactly how far Nature influences each Druid is another matter altogether, though. Some Druids accept a compromise between the human and the natural world, and this allows them to associate with other human beings moderately well. The majority of the class, however, is significantly more militant - clutching at the more tooth-and-claw aspects of Nature in order to reclaim what the human world has "stolen". Both ideologies constantly antagonize each other within the sect, which leaves the Druids somewhat paranoid and suspicious of outsiders.

Regardless of belief, however, Druids have the powers of Nature at their disposal, and have no compunctions about unleashing those abilities on those who displease them. Experienced Druids are not only able to call upon the natural environment to fulfill their wishes, but may also take on its aspects if they so desire. There have been stories of Druids rending opponents with sharp claws, or tracking interlopers with extraordinary senses of smell.

In an increasingly civilized Antaria, however, the Druids have largely relegated themselves to the more untouched areas. Two things are said about the Druids in this regard - first, that they know evey rock and blade of grass by name, and second, that any unknowing figure who intrudes upon their forested sanctuary expects swift and earnest retribution. It is, of course, of great importance to seek the Druids' side in matters that concern their domain... but the Druids choose their allies sparingly.


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