Friday, April 29, 2005

Complex: We Have a Winner

In an e-mail sent on 10:30:37 am, April 29, 2005, a four-man team submitted the correct solution to the Complex metapuzzle. They've chosen to take P500 worth of gift certificates from Powerbooks for their efforts. (Powerbooks isn't an official sponsor of this contest, but hey, we like 'em anyway.)

Congratulations to Switch, elf, Rain Man, and Vector for their efforts. (Their mutual sites are here and here.) Sorry about all the sleepless nights, guys. :)

The solutions for each puzzle are as follows. As before, I won't be posting any hints in the body of this message in case you still want to try your hand at solving the puzzles.

3:00 - Marketing (puzzle and solution)
4:00 - Administration (puzzle and solution)
4:00 - Accounting (puzzle and solution)
6:00 - Design (puzzle and solution)
9:00 - Copywriting (puzzle and solution)
Metapuzzle (puzzle and solution)

Now that things are over and that I've got about an hour till I head off to Powerbooks, I'm going to lie back and relax for a while... and think of what I can put together for next time. Hwahahahah! :)

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