Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Antaria: Profile: Vordan

Vordan, Grandmaster of the Druids

For all of nature's concerns, it is the problems of society that have become all too familiar to the current Druid Grandmaster. Prior to his ascension, Vordan served his gathering of mages as a diplomat, forging and negotiating ties between the Druids and the other influential forces in Antaria. He finds it most untastefully ironic that such unities do not exist within his own order.

While the argument on the modern world's place in nature has occupied Druid sentiments for generations, it was only recently that the bickering has escalated into violence. The most traditional school of thought rejected the possibility outright, and continued their crusade against "nature's nemeses." The more liberal Druids, however, subscribed to the notion of the modern world as being a part of nature itself, and welcomed new influences into their lifestyles. Vordan takes neither of these sides; In fact, he has become rather sick of their constant fighting.

What irritates Vordan the most is that his predecessor, the young upstart Gideon Briargreen, revelled in the division between the Druids. Briargreen's rationale, as Vordan had personally heard from the inexperienced young man, was that natural law itself was a mass of opposing forces: Birth and Death, Summer and Winter, Predator and Prey. While certainly worthy of thought, Briargreen's philosophy easily widened the rift between his fellows; Vordan was named Grandmaster immediately after the young man was killed trying to pacify two warring fanatics.

So far, Vordan has indeed remained neutral in the face of a growing conflict between the traditionalist and the modernist Druids. Some say that his impartiality belies his true wisdom; Others say that he is merely afraid to make any significant moves against the delicate balance. From his own corner, Vordan merely considers how to get out of his precarious position, but he has yet to produce any results.

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