Friday, April 01, 2005

Vote for Jac!

Well, so much for trying to get peoples' attention for April Fools' Day.

Jac Ting Lim's up for contention in the Mr. and Mrs. Bikini Bodies 2005, a competition organized by Slimmers World International. The field of over 80 applicants has been narrowed down to 26 candidates, and now it's time for the SMS votes to decide who makes it and who doesn't. Jac has been gracious enough to post a picture from her photoshoot, and words fail me when trying to describe her there.

To put it in as frank a manner as possible, I'm fully expecting every single red-blooded male (and maybe a subset of the female population, but I won't go into that) out there to put in a vote for Jac. If you don't bother, then I'd probably start wondering what's wrong with your eyesight. The contest's on April 16 - you might want to have your vote in by then.

Geez, she looks really good, doesn't she? Now why can't I have a body like that?

Oh, wait - I'm a guy. (Forget I said anything.)


jeff-reiji said...

first of all, thanks for your honest comment [if you still remember] to my entry in the Liberal-Philippines essay writing contest.

My entry was included in the top 15 and I'm going to be published in a book.

thanks again!

Sean said...

That's excellent, Jeff. Congratulations.