Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Antaria: The Tempestites

The Tempestites are respected and feared across Antaria, and for good reason. The Tempestites control magics of summoning and conjuration, and are known for the massive Elementals they hold at their thrall.

Exactly where the Tempestites obtain such familiars is unknown. What is known, however, is that their summoned spirits are of forms that cannot normally materialize in Antaria, and thus must be bound to the components of the natural world in order to exist. The results are the powerful, feral elemental familiars that walk behind each mage of their kind... forever loyal to their respective masters. Where the Tempestites harry their opponents with showers of earth and rain, their Elementals take a more powerful, more direct approach that tends to leave nothing standing.

Their control over such Elementals and other forces, however, has taken its toll on the Tempestite psyche. Tempestites exhibit a single-minded lust for power in all its forms, plotting and scheming to surpass those who they see as their "betters". Arrogance is a quality best ascribed to their class, as is the notion of underhandedness. Most Tempestites therefore hold positions of influence among the general populace; It is indeed a rare mage among them who does not harbor such delusions of power.

There are, of course, many among the common people who wonder how the Tempestites can continue to associate themselves with the other mages. The Tempestites themselves actually find no fault being one of seven established sects in Antaria. After all, if they are not already superior to the others, then they may always work to establish their dominance... but all in due time, all in due time.

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