Sunday, May 22, 2005

Get Some Game

I know that a lot of other people will be blogging about this, so I'll make this short - and possibly a little sweet.

I've just gotten back from the UGotGame exposition in the Greenbelt Mall today. I met quite a few people there, including fellow bloggers Clair, Marcelle, Sacha, Dominique, Jac, Jonas, and Ranulf. The latter was running the show without giving away any indication of just how tired he really was.

I also ran into quite a few cosplayers, and the stories that can be told about the event involved a rubber monster from Doom 3, a girl wearing a demonic inner tube, a lovely Zhen Ji and her weapon-flute, and the most complex mecha-costume I had ever seen. But I'll let other people tell those stories. :)

And then there were the locally-made computer games, which, while rudimentary, did show off exactly what their developers could do, given the little time that they had. I audibly wished for better writing and story for most of them, but on the other hand, that's probably a less important consideration for the programmers at this time.

The bottom line, though, is that I was fortunate enough to have attended a good convention today. And I wasn't even as big on computer games as a lot of the other attendees were.

There'll be another one next year, everyone. Do drop by and get impressed. :)

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