Sunday, May 01, 2005

Disclaimer: May 2005

Oooooh. All tapped out.

Yesterday was the deadline for the 2005 Palanca Awards, and I went on a merry little run trying to get my entry collated and notarized in time for the midnight deadline. Then, in order to vent my frustration at the funk I'm in, I wrote a mad little conversation with myself in time to send it out as my 12:00 birthday message to all concerned. (If you were one of the lucky(?) recipients, then I hope you got a little laugh out of it at least - I know that some of you might sorely need one right now.)

Okay, okay... official text now. All entries posted on this blog are entirely original, having been written solely by me except where noted. I will not post anything from other sources without making express mention or linkage to their point of origin. The presences of the original articles in this blog constitute an informal Internet-based copyright, which, although not official, will most definitely give me the advantage once I take their plagiarists to a court of law. Hoo-hah!

I've long been aware that I have a distinct style of writing (hey, virtually everyone does), so if you steal anything from this site and try to pass it off as your own work, then believe me, somebody's going to figure you out, which will preclude my coming over and wailing on you. Well, I won't actually wail on you, of course, but I'll find something that befits the circumstances. I say you do yourself a favor and write something yourself, instead of trolling the Net and stealing from people - that way, you'll have a piece of work that you can be proud of one day. And it's better than having a bunch of legal scars that you'll eventually have to explain to your kids sooner or later. :)


Dominique said...

Happy birthday, you old schizophrenic you!

eClair said...

I got it too :) But I was only able to read it now *laughs*

tiborce said...

some group will be holding a philippine blogging summit. it's on 7 may 2005, national institute for science and mathematics education development (nismed) bldg in up diliman, 8am- 5pm. libre lahat but you have to pre-register online. i'm thinking of going kaso ala akong kasama. text if you're game?

Sean said...

Hmm. Thought I registered for that already. Ah well... fixed now.

Jac said...

I got the letter :) I found it downright weird, but thanks all the same ;D belated Happy birthday Sean!